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Sustainability Surveys

A sustainability survey can reach into every corner of your business. Looking at areas such as energy, water, waste, transport and recycling, we can highlight initiatives which will give you immediate, short, medium and long term payback. We’ll help you set priorities, providing the basis for an action plan with year on year savings in costs and carbon emissions.

Full environmental and energy management support

What is an Environmental Sustainability Survey?

In today’s climate, the requirement to minimise your environmental impact is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, ensuring environmental compliance and good practice is essential.

The Environmental Sustainability Survey identifies initiatives that can be introduced to reduce environmental impacts, energy consumption, carbon emissions and related costs. In addition it highlights any risks relating to environmental non-compliance.

The survey can easily be extended to include an ISO 14001 ‘gap analysis’ for those looking to assess their environmental baseline in readiness for ISO 14001 accreditation and certification.

In addition, this survey also provides the majority of information and analysis required for the BREEAM In-Use benchmarking scheme and it’s a very easy step for us to help you link to this.

The survey includes the following;

Environmental Sustainability Opportunities:
The survey identifies environmental opportunities to reduce environmental impacts, energy consumption,carbon emissions and related costs. It highlights budget costs and pay-back periods. Recommended initiatives are prioritised, providing a practical action plan with a summary of annual savings in £, kWh and tonnes of CO2.

Environmental Compliance:
This part of the survey addresses all relevant requirements of current Environmental Statutory Legislation, Codes of Practice, Guidance and Industry Standards.

Key Benefits

  • Controls risk of non compliance
  • Helps reduce property operating costs and carbon emissions
  • Supports effective CRC implementation
  • Identifies and prioritises key areas of sustainability opportunities
  • Provides hands on action plan for Property and Facilities Managers
  • Encourages landlord/tenant engagement
  • Can internally benchmark portfolio
  • Supports implementation of CSR, Environmental and Sustainability policies
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