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Resource support

Our clients often have a need for a more permanent support service which requires a 4see consultant being placed in an organisation for a determined period.  Sometimes this is just to cover a vacancy or absence in the short term or it can be to provide a specialist skill that isn’t always required.

Our experience ranges from providing individual consultants on short-term projects to support specific issues, through to multi-disciplinary teams on long-term assignment working within a major project or corporate organisation.  The experience and knowledge of our team means that they can make an immediate and positive impact on projects and performance.

We focus on ensuring that the quality of support is to the same standard as all of our other consulting and training services. 

Using a 4see consultant in your organisation means that you are guaranteed the same level of expert service and company support that you would expect but this is focused entirely on your project/organisation.

Commercial flexibility is also built in to our business processes, through time, fixed price or incentivised contracts.

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