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Legionella and water hygiene risk assessments


Certain forms of Legionella bacteria are the cause of Legionnaire’s disease and other illnesses. Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia which can be fatal. 

It is mandatory, under current legislation, for all duty holders to have a risk assessment undertaken as the first step to control the risk of Legionnaire’s disease.

We have a team of Legionella control and water hygiene specialists who can help you meet your legal obligations and provide you with all the technical guidance required to ensure your water system is operating in a safe and compliant manner. 

Through careful risk assessment and strategic water sampling, we can offer a tailored approach to maintaining good water quality in your premises and our expertise covers a whole range of water systems including hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, irrigation systems, humidifiers, spa pools and other risk systems. 

Our Legionella and water hygiene risk assessment is carried out to BS 8580 British Standard and includes the following:

An appraisal of the current controls
A site survey including; 
- Temperature testing
- Asset identification 
- Any necessary water sampling
Any bacteria analysis is undertaken at a UKAS approved laboratory

And our risk assessment report includes:
Recommended actions required to ensure your water system is compliant
Recommendations for ongoing monitoring and management 
Easy to understand schematic diagrams
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