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Health and safety statistics

Key facts and statistics from HSE for 2017.

HSE stats 2017

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Energy / carbon reduction audits

4see’s in-depth technical energy audits highlight recommendations for improvements to the building’s energy performance.

Our approach to reporting of utility, energy and carbon management takes the form of three distinct areas including:

1.    Energy benchmarking - Details the performance of the building against published industrial benchmarks including ‘Typical’ and ‘Best Practice’ consumptions.

2.    Site specific opportunities - Identifies potential opportunities for reducing utility/energy consumption and associated carbon emissions on site from specific projects and functions.  These are categorised into three distinct types of opportunity:

  • No Cost/Low Cost: immediate opportunities with associated paybacks of under two years.
  • Low Cost/Moderate Cost: proposed opportunities that if implemented would provide paybacks on average of between two and four years.
  • Higher Cost: opportunities associated with longer term objectives.  These are often associated with larger building services projects or the potential introduction of renewable technologies and Low/Zero carbon technologies (LZCs).

From these results we will be able to provide a detailed plan of action and identify clear objectives and target points for progress.

We see it as a continuous process of assessment, monitoring and management, constantly looking for new ways of using technology and behavioural change to maximise your energy efficiency.

It is important that the information reported in the energy audit is viewed as a long term, and ever rolling programme, that will provide benefits far and beyond the low cost “quick wins” that will almost certainly be part of the initial results.

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