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CDM Advisor/Principal Designer

For us, a CDM Advisor/Principal Designer is an enabler, someone who makes sure things run smoothly, not someone who wraps up your project in red tape.

Our team of CDM Advisors/Principal Designers accept all the responsibilities and legal obligations placed on them by the regulations. They are clear about their obligation to protect the workforce, the end users and duty holders in line with the law. But at the same time they are dedicated to focusing on project deliverables and targets, taking the bureaucracy out of their role.

They’ll use their excellent communications skills to build effective working relationships but they won’t waste your money by attending unnecessary meetings or producing unnecessary reams of paperwork.

We appreciate that every project is different, so we don’t stick to fee scales or percentages. We’d rather talk to you about the level of involvement needed to manage the very individual risks on each scheme and give you value for money by charging accordingly.

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