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Thu,5 April 2018
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Health and safety statistics

Key facts and statistics from HSE for 2017.

HSE stats 2017

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Water hygiene training

4see offer a training course designed for those members of staff that have responsibility for water quality in their premises.

This half day or more in-depth full day course covers all aspects of water management including:

  • Background to Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease, including the life cycle of Legionella;
  • Understanding law, regulations and guidance, including management responsibility, competence, policies
  • Who is the Responsible Person and what are their duties?
  • How to identify the Responsible Person when multiple organisations are involved
  • The process of systematic risk management including risk audits and risk assessments
  • What should the written system contain? How should we prevent and control risk?
  • Funding and technical issues when managing water hygiene, including scalding and energy saving
  • Strategies for Legionella testing
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