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Key facts and statistics from HSE for 2017.

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Incident management

4see is devoted to making sure things don’t go wrong in your workplace. But if they do, our experience of investigating accidents or incidents means our team can take control at a difficult time.

We work with leading international law firms such as Pinsent Mason and Eversheds, sharing our health and safety expertise with their legal expertise.

Legal privilege

You want a thorough investigation of an incident on your premises so that you can defend your actions and processes. But you don’t want to make that investigation work available to a body which may prosecute you. It’s a complex legal area in which 4see has built a high level of expertise.

Because we understand legal professional privilege, we can help you withhold documents which may otherwise be used against you in litigation. A vital process which many clients don’t know about until they seek advice from 4see.


Only the most experienced and highly qualified of our consultants work on incident and accident investigation. They have led investigations in some of the largest projects in the UK, looking at what needs to be learnt from accidents and near misses.

We will produce a detailed report showing not just what problems caused the incident or accident but also what needs to be done to make sure this never happens again. A clear remediation plan will be part of a fully-indexed pdf document.

Expert witness

Our specialists have invaluable experience as expert witnesses supporting clients in some of the largest companies in the UK.

Because we have a strong reputation for quality and reliability, evidence from a 4see expert can play a key part in legal disputes and court proceedings.

Accident reporting

For most businesses, a reportable accident or case of disease is a comparatively rare event. So if you do need to make a report to the HSE under the RIDDOR Regulations, you will benefit from specialist advice from 4see.

We can make the necessary reports in a format and to a timescale which meets the requirements of RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations).

If you subscribe to one of our annual contacts, we'll notify a RIDDOR accident as part of the service.

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