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4see provide CRC reporting services a number of client portfolios. Many clients have been managed by 4see since the start of the CRC scheme, other clients have been awarded to 4see at a later date on the basis of our performance.

Our clients included both public and private sector and we have specific experience in dealing with the complexities of large multi-property portfolios supporting both asset managers and their managing agents in the challenges of constantly changing portfolio.

4see manage the CRC data throughout the year to avoid any end of year rush with can cause both time and resource challenges and risks for their clients. Not only does this provide reassurance to client’s management teams but can also provide useful data to support clients additional reporting i.e. Greenprint and GRESB.

4see also able to act as the secondary contact for clients, submitting reports and ordering carbon allowances via the EA CRC registry.

Our services fall into 3 main categories

Basic service - Data gathering and reporting

  • Collation of invoices/ half hour data and meter readings from client, their procurement consultants and/or suppliers and loading onto a central basis
  • Recording of special events – property sales/acquisitions – change of tenancies, suppliers
  • Requesting of supplier statements and reconciliation to invoice data etc.
  • Provision of quarterly reporting and providing end of CRC year data to client


Enhanced reporting - Preparation of final end of year CRC report and evidence pack

Includes all of services above – and in addition:

  • Quarterly reporting and quarterly meetings with client
  • Producing final end of CRC Annual report for client to submit to the EA
  • Providing details of allowances to be purchased
  • Schedule of CRC costs on a property by property basis to enable client to recover through service charge etc.


Full CRC management

Includes services listed in both options above – and in addition:

  • Acting as Secondary Contact for client – submitting Annual Reports to CRC registry and ordering and surrendering allowances
  • Our processes for data collection, data verification and reporting have been audited by a number of 3rd parties with excellent internal audit reports being issued to our clients, providing assurance on the accuracy of the CRC data.

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