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ESOS Audits

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory requirement in the UK for all Large Undertakings in the UK. A Large Undertaking is classed as a business who employ more than 250 employees, or has a turnover more than €50m.

The qualification date was 31st December 2014 and the compliance date with ESOS is 5th December 2015.

4see offer an ESOS Lead Assessor Consultation to identify the most appropriate compliance strategy for your business.

Energy audit data collated since December 2011 for other schemes such as the Carbon Trust Standard, DECs and Green Deal Assessments, could be eligible to be used as part of your ESOS energy audit.

ESOS energy audits must be carried out by or overseen and approved by a recognised ESOS Lead Assessor.

ESOS will consider an organisation’s entire energy usage including energy use per employee, buildings, transport, industrial and commercial processes.

The scheme is estimated to lead to £1.6bn net benefits to the UK.

As well as developing a compliance plan which fully conforms with ESOS requirements, we will identify appropriate milestones to ensure you meet compliance by 5th December 2015.

With a wealth of experience of energy efficiency, 4see has a strong track record delivering carbon consultancy, energy management, audits and assessments. We are experts in energy assessment and our Lead Assessors can deliver, oversee and approve your ESOS energy audits to ensure you meet compliance with confidence.

A new assessment is required to be undertaken every four years.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Administrator for the United Kingdom is the Environment Agency.

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