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Bill validation

Validating your utility bills is an important part of our service and could make all the difference to your energy costs. Using our bill validation service, which provides an analysis of your bills as they arrive, we can ensure that you are receiving all your contracted benefits from your supplier and that your bills tally with your actual electricity, gas or water consumption. To do this, we like to gain a full understanding of your energy requirements - identifying peak and troughs in your energy usage and how you can use the energy you're paying for efficiently.

All invoices received (either by EDI, CSV files or paper bills) will be validated against HHD/AMR data, customer reads and current contract rates (incl. DUOS and TUOS charges as appropriate).

If customer reads are provided these will be added to the database and consumption will be checked against previous invoices.

Invoices will also be checked to ensure correct CCL and VAT rates charged. The communications log within the energy management software will be utilised to manage all billing queries.

Where there are opportunities to reduce agreed supply capacity these will be highlighted to you. All billing files will be validated within 5 days of receipt from the energy suppliers.

After the validation of each EDI file a report will be issued back to each supplier advising which bills have been passed for payment and which bills have been rejected and why. We would be liaising with them on a weekly basis regarding the resolution of outstanding billing queries and would also arrange quarterly meetings with energy suppliers to discuss and resolve any long outstanding issues.

4see will liaise with you where additional information is required from site contact/property team in order to resolve billing query.

A report will be provided to you on a monthly basis detailing bills failed for the month, savings identified and savings realised (i.e. credit notes and re-bills received from suppliers).

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